A Visit From St. Grim: Trivia

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This game will be fun for those who have the knowledge,
Whether you are self-taught or you learned it in college.
So read up on holidays, science and poems,
So when we ask you questions you’ll be sure to know ’em.

From Sunday til Tuesday once an hour you’ll find,
Appears a new query which will challenge your mind.
When Power Hour begins new question appear,
Every two minutes, brought by Grimmy’s Braindeer.


We’re starting things off with a special Power Hour in celebration of Eyewire’s 5th birthday!  These trivia questions will count towards your overall trivia score, so try to get there at the start.
11:00 AM on Sunday 12/10 – 11:00 AM on Tuesday 12/12
Finishes with another Power Hour from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Tuesday 12/12

Swag: The top player will win 1 mug!

For every question —
1st to answer – 300 points
2nd to answer – 200 points
3rd to answer – 100 points

Art by Daniela Gamba
Swag generously funded by @susi