Achilles vs Hector: A challenge for the Hero of Heroes!

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“Hold the line! No retreat, no surrender!”

From Ares’ mouth the cry was heard throughout the battlefield and in front of Elysium’s gates. The Heroes of Earth must hold the line against the spawn of Hades and give time for the armies of Olympus to march and join with them for the final confrontation against the Titans. But first, two old, mortal enemies find themselves rematched long after the war that first brought them face to face.




Leader of the Myrmidons, the fastest runner, invincible except at his right heel, hot-tempered but skillful in all ways of war.



The once-defeated Prince of Troy, now in the service of the Titans. A great strategist, loyal to his cause, and the only warrior who can stand as Achilles’ equal.

Achilles or Hector: who will sway your trace? The hunt for the hero of heroes begins at 11:00 AM EST, Tuesday 1/20/2015 and will go on for 24 hours until 11:00 AM EST on Wednesday 1/21/2015.

Olympian bonuses:

Earn 5,000 points – 3000 bonus

Earn 15,000 points – 6,000 bonus

Earn 25,000 points – 12,000 bonus

Every additional 25,000 points – 6,000 bonus

Winning team – 12,000 bonus

Team winner – 3000 bonus

#1 overall score – 12,000 bonus

#2 overall score – 6,000 bonus

#3 overall score – 3000 bonus

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