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Sara Kerens, November Midnight Moment, EyeWIre TImes Square

EyeWire takes over Times Square

Blocks and blocks of neurons Three EyeWire animations (neurons mapped by EyeWirers, low poly neurons in space and meltcube) are featured in a month-long Times Square …

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Countdown to Neuropia

Coundtown to Neuropia   It’s a new era of EyeWire. We embark upon a journey to create the world’s most complete catalog of …

neurotechnology, neurotech

MIT Neurotech: Journey Through the Brain

Journey into the inner territory of thinking, feeling and perceiving as we reveal how next generation neurotechnologies are revolutionizing our understanding of …

cell bodies on both sides, eyewire, neuron, neuroscience

The Starburst Challenge is Complete

Over the past year thousands of EyeWirers have passed the advanced Starburst Challenge, unlocking the ability to play difficult starburst amacrine neurons …

150 neurons in eyewire!

EyeWire Monthly Stats: July 2014

July was a big month for EyeWire — we completed our 150th neuron, four players joined the millionaire’s club, watch mode came back, …

3d printed neuron, eyewire, 3d print eyewire, NIH 3D print, 3d print neuron

3D Print a Neuron!

Say hello to the first ever 3D printed neuron mapped in EyeWire! Thanks to a collaboration between NIH 3D Print, EyeWire HQ and …