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Next in EyeWire: Mystery Cells

Now that the first EyeWire dataset is complete, let’s switch up the game. The next stage of EyeWire involves identifying mystery cells …

New EyeWire record!

New All-Time Top Daily Score

Congrats to @crazyman4865 who just demolished EyeWire’s previous top daily score record by over 20,000 points! He scored an astounding 70,507 points …

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New Neuron in EyeWire: J7

A new neuron is up in EyeWire: J Cell #7! This is the last opportunity to map J Cells in this dataset! …

J Cell 4 complete

J Cell 4 is Complete!

We’ve completed J Cell #4 in EyeWire! Every cell brings us closer to training advanced AI that will help automate mapping the …

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The EyeWire Games Trailer

The EyeWire Games are coming Feb 13 from EyeWire, a game to map the brain from Sebastian Seung‘s Computational Neuroscience Lab at …

SAC pancake, EyeWire, neuron, 3D

The Starburst Neuron is Complete!

We’ve finished our first starburst amacrine cell! This was a very challenging neuron, because its dendrites were so thin and difficult to …