How are Points Calculated in EyeWire?


EyeWirer @nkem created this post in the forums explaining how EyeWire points work to new players. In light of the recent VSauce traffic, we thought it would make a good blog post.  Also see this FAQ for the newest players catalyzed by @ketta.

“The points you’ll get consist of:


Time: The more time you spend, the more points you’ll get. The function is somehow sigmoidal (rather than linear). After several minutes you are at the maximum of 20 points.


Volume: Adding more missing pieces will give you more points. Interestingly, the volume of the missing pieces is very important (more volume, more points)… maximum is 980.


Accuracy: Each cube is done by multiple players. Since the team doesn’t know how the cube should look like (except for the tutorials), all your results are compared to those of other players and vice versa. High similarity means: no points deduction.


Trailblazing: Of course, someone has to begin with a new cube – and there is nothing to compare the result with. In this case you’ll become a “trailblazer” and honored with an immediate 50 points bonus. After 2 or 3 (not sure) other players did the same cube like you, you’ll get your normal points retroactively. The most accurate EyeWirers level up to trailblazer status.


What does that mean for you:


  • There is no need to hurry with a cube. Take all the time you need. (Even though trailblazing after coloring a cube for half an hour is unlikely.)
  • Going to bed with a cube open won’t give you additional (free) time points.
  • The maximum amount of points you can get is 1000*
  • If there is nothing to add in your cube, you’ll only get 20 points at max: the time bonus.
  • If you end up with 20 points and added quite a lot of stuff, you did something different from what most other players did. The underlined “different” is important since it doesn’t necessarily mean you did something wrong – maybe you found another large branch the majority missed and therefore got a huge penalty.


To verify the last point, you can click “Back to overview” on the upper left corner of your screen and in most cases you can then see the current look of this cube (without your additions). This also works after you hit “I’m finished”. With another click on “Start playing” you’ll get back to the cube with all stuff you already added.


Note: If you try this trick after you pressed “I’m finished” and came back to the cube, you’ll have to press “Skip cube” to move on to a new one. Clicking on “I’m finished” a second time won’t work in that case.


* The team introduced a “Starburst Amacrine Cell” challenge. Those cells are a bit tougher to trace and all points you get are doubled. So the maximum time bonus becomes 40; maximum overall points 2000!


Check out the:
(more game related) user FAQ and the (more scientific) official FAQ

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