EyeWirer of the Week: Jude Adamson

smalljudeEyeWireA behind the scenes look at the EyeWire community.

jude adamson aka smalljude on EyeWireMeet the EyeWirers who are mapping the retinal connectome. Up this week is one of the top scoring EyeWirers: Jude Adamson, aka “smalljude.”

EyeWirer Jude Adamson is a former visual effects artist for feature films who lives in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Let’s get to know her!

Why do you play EyeWire?

I’ve been doing citizen science projects for about 3 years, bouncing from different online projects. When I found Eyewire, everything just clicked. Neuroscience fascinates me, so to find a project where I could play a tiny part in exciting scientific discoveries has been great. I like to listen to podcasts while I work, and Eyewire is ideal for that. It’s addictive and very rewarding.

How did you discover EyeWire?

A Google search for citizen science projects brought me here!

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the brain of EyeWirer smalljude
The Brain of EyeWirer smalljude!

I’ve been really lucky in my life – I got to fulfill my childhood dream of working on movies in LA, and I’ve lived in many countries. Bad health stopped me working a few years ago, but there’s a huge silver lining I could never have expected. Now I have the luxury of time to learn! I discovered science and philosophy – and learning means more to me than anything else I’ve done in my life. Douglas Adams said the meaning of life, the universe and everything was 42. I turned 42 last year and I think he was spot on! Now I spend my hours mapping neurons and taking online courses. Life is good.

Anything else you’d like to add?

At no other time in our history have we been able to do what we can do now. The cumulative knowledge of all humankind is available at our fingertips on the internet – how insane it that! Science is bringing together people from around the world to collaborate in discovering brand new things. We don’t know where Eyewire will take us – and that’s what is so exciting! Science driven by curiosity is the most inspiring science there is. I hope you’ll come and join us.

Jude sent this wonderful video featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson that we think exemplifies both her thirst for knowledge and passion for life. Enjoy!

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