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EyeWire at Montessori

Guest post by EyeWirer @frenchkl Charles Towne Montessori’s after school Science Adventures Club eagerly tried out Eyewire this week.  Our club of …

fMRI, Lee et al. "Global and local fMRI signals driven by neurons defined optogenetically by type and wiring" Nature, 2010

What is the resolution of an fMRI?

How well do fMRI measurements correlate with neural activity? Neuroscientist Paul King weighs in via Quora:   What most people say is that fMRI correlates …

how do we see in color? TED-Ed

How Do We See In Color?

Cones, the photoreceptor cells in the retina responsible for color vision, recognize either red, green or blue (these primary colors correspond to …


EyeLearn on EyeWire!

  In 2010, the NIH announced that it would award 40 million to fund the Human Connectome Project. The goal of this …

Connectome, neuroscience, brain, eyewire, LONI UCLA Human Connectome Project, DTI, Brain, imaging

What is a connectome?

What is a connectome, anyway? We asked on Quora and David Zhou, Masters Student at Carnegie Mellon University, answered. A connectome is a wiring diagram of …