Eyewire supports #ShutDownSTEM

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#ShutDownSTEM is a day of action on June 10th to call for racial justice in the sciences. #ShutDownSTEM asks those in STEM fields to stop “business as usual” for one day in recognition of the anti-Black racism in STEM. Today is a time for Black STEM professionals to prioritize their needs, and for white people to educate themselves and take action against racism in STEM.

In solidarity with this day of action Eyewire GMs have not been active on Eyewire today and will not be active for the rest of the day. This blog post will also serve as a resource guide for those Eyewirers looking to do their part to fight racism in STEM.

It’s time to take a stand now against racism in STEM!

Art from https://www.shutdownstem.com/shareables