Winners of the Hunt III

Good morrow my attendant subjects.

The GrimReaper is pleased.  I sent you out to claim the hearts of 15 vile mergers.  And some of you returned with more!


I smell an overachiever.   Or actually, 15 overachievers.   Indeed, nearly half of you who ventured forth in search of mergers returned with as many as I requested, or more.

You reaped the mergers, now it’s time to reap the rewards.  Promotions!  Promotions all around.  If you found 10 or more mergers and also managed to maintain an astounding  90% accuracy*, then congratulations!  You’ve earned the title of Scout or Scythe (newly promoted highlighted below).  Revel in your new-found powers!

Masters of the Hunt:

  • Gold 19 mergers- jinbean, twister6284, Nseraf
  • Silver 18 mergers- grizle, cdaywalt66, MaraTara
  • Bronze 17 mergers- susi, lilmoo, uzenik
  • 10+ mergers- kshearer, Kronnn, jax123, a5hm0r, EllenRipley, crazyman4865, addieye, b_hailey, DannyS, marhav, larobusto, shannonlevine, TheStatPow, retepaskab, clarrisani, aldof, sdunn61781, iridium, ronin, eldendaf, bigredjeep007, rinda, ArcanzaJenkins

Full Hunt results here.

*If you found 10 or more mergers but have an accuracy below 90% you are still eligible for promotion.  You must first keep your accuracy above 90% for two weeks.  You will then receive your sparkly new powers.

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