Conclusion of the Half Marathon!

Good Evening/Morning Eyewirers,

We didn’t meet the deadline of finishing the Half Marathon Cell by 10:36pm EDT. Spirits were still high however when the gong struck the fateful hour, and those online decided  to continue tracing and finish the cell in a sprint!  A spontaneous double your points Happy Hour was announced.  It ran from the end of the Marathon at 10:36 until the cell was finished.  We finished the cell at 2:09 am, which means we spent 16 hours and 39 minutes working on it!  The night owls really lucked out with that Post Marathon Happy Hour—three hours and thirtythree minutes of double points!*  See the results here!

Here’s the finished half cell.  It came in at a whopping 2196 cubes.  Fortunately the branches were long and straight, which made it easier to Reap.   We ended up freezing a number of the branches (see the grey) that had nothing that needed adding–this made sure that we spent our time playing on cubes with stuff to add.  Note the Half Marathon Cell is now in the Completed Cells tab.


See the results from the Post Marathon Happy Hour here.

Good Night Eyewire, and Trace On.

DannyS & rprentki

*When rprentki announced the Happy Hour she thought it’d be between thirty minutes and an hour, not 3.5 hours.  Soooo many points.

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