Update on Accuracy Calculation

EyeWire Marathon

Hi folks,

Recently a few of you had questions about how accuracy was being calculated in your profile.  As most of you know, your accuracy bar shows how you did on your last 60 cubes.  However, a few of you were concerned recently, because it seemed like your accuracies were, well, inaccurate according to these metrics.

We’re here to clear things up for you so you can sleep soundly knowing that your accuracy is doing what it should be doing.

Here are a few different things that can affect how your accuracy appears in your profile:

  • Cubes with nothing to add.  If you submit a cube without anything besides the seed, it will not count towards your accuracy for you last 60 cubes.  So, for example, if you submit 60 cubes with added segments and then submit 60 cubes with seeds only, your profile will reflect the accuracy of the 60 cubes you did that had segments added.  One big reason for this is so that players are not penalized if they play a cube that has a seed merger.
  • Trailblazes.  Trailblaze cubes will not count towards your accuracy until they have been played by more than one person.  Once a consensus is formed, the cube will reenter your queue where you first played it.  If you played it within your last 60 cubes, it will enter in at that spot, and kick off cube 60.  If you played it more than 60 cubes ago, you will not see it factored into the accuracy in your profile.
  • Cube size.  Cubes with more volume will contribute to a greater percentage of your accuracy.  Therefore, you cannot calculate  your accuracy simply by adding your last 60 cubes’ accuracies together and dividing by 60.

Hope that clears things up!  If you have any further questions you can send them to support@eyewire.org.  Happy Eyewiring!