Trivia Winners Announced!

We’ve been putting those neurons in your head to the test! You have all risen to the challenge with your sharp reflexes and quick responses – proving the intricacy of your own connectomes. Some of you have been sneaky, quietly private messaging the bot your answers and some of you have just excitedly shouted the answer out in chat.  Color us thoroughly impressed!

Congrats to our medalists, who managed to be the quickest and prove they are smart cookies throughout all 4 of our planned trivia competitions and random pop-up questions!

Nseraf wins a Gold Badge with an impressive 18,500 points.

marhav wins a Silver Badge with 17,200 points.

a5hm0r wins a Bronze Badge with 15,100 points.

Congratulations to all the trivia participants throughout the competition!  Special thanks to nkem for creating the quiz bot, inquizitor.


P.S. Inquizitor especially wants you to know that Russia has hosted the Olympics twice – in 1980 and 2014 😉

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