Time Travel: Retro Happy Hour

As EyeWire seems to recover from the hunt cell’s catastrophic mergers (which even must have brought the site down!), time nonetheless opens up before you in a wormhole. Upon exiting, you find yourself in a very odd place. Strange yet familiar. Like an old memory.

Photo by  Leo Grübler
Photo by Leo Grübler

It seems as though you have landed in Happy Hour. But it is not the Happy Hour of today. This looks like the EyeWire of 2012 that you have heard tales of from EyeWire’s most veteran players.

Photo by  Christian Weidinger
Photo by Christian Weidinger

It looks like even with our hunt cell fixed, we still need to sew up the rift in the fabric of our universe— sew it up cube by cube. So there’s only one way out of this retro Happy Hour redux: you must play! Trace your way back to the upgraded EyeWire of today that you have come to know and love. Hurry, or as has been said, the consequences could be disaster— if we slip back in time any further, EyeWire will blip out of existence!

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