The Fight For First

eyewire, king eyewireThis is a time of instability in the leaderboards. Just two weeks ago Nseraf and twister2 overtook Galarun in the points leaderboard. twister2 briefly enjoyed the #3 position until Nseraf overtook him as well.

Then in an unexpected turn of events, Galarun rallies! He’s able to overtake twister2, but Nseraf is out of his reach! Because of twister2’s new job at HQ he is only able to reclaim his position from Galarun gradually.

After emerging victorious from the long battle for third, Nseraf continues to earn points at an inhuman rate. Today, Nseraf overtook jinbean easily, due to her lack of activity. His hopes are to pass the current leader, a5hm0r, before the summer. He fears that upon her release from university for intersession, a5hm0r will destroy the daily leaderboards, earning 80,000 points a day.

Watch the leaderboards to see who emerges victorious, and as always, trace on Eyewire!


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