The April Fools Downtime Was No Joke. Here’s What Happened and How We’ll Prevent It In The Future.

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On April 1, 2018, Eyewire experienced a catastrophic failure on one of our database nodes at the MIT data center. We migrated all Eyewire services to another node and the process took several hours, after which we came back online.

In order prevent further interruptions from local servers, we’re migrating Eyewire to the cloud.  We’ve been planning this move for a while and will be accelerating the process because of the recent issues. Already about 30% of Eyewire is served from the cloud, including image data and tutorials. Kelv is working to get the rest of the site to stable AWS servers. This will require a bit more downtime. We’ll keep you posted when to expect that.

UPDATE: We’ve scheduled our move to the cloud for tomorrow, April 4th starting at 10AM ET. We expect Eyewire to be down until 1PM ET.  Thank you for your patience!

Soon it’ll be smooth sailing on a sea beneath calm cloudy skies.