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Whodunnit? Marathon results

Midway through Eyewire’s Marathon, the overview mysteriously disappeared!  Is this simply a coincidence, or is foul play afoot?  Could this have something …

whodunnit, eyewire, enqeyewirer, trivia, power hour, competitions

Whodunnit? Trivia

You continue to send us some amazing tips on who you think the culprit is, but we have not yet fit all the …

whodunnit, eyewire, enqeyewirer, evil cubes, competitions

Whodunnit? Evil Cubes

Attention Eyewirers!  We’ve gotten word that there may be some interesting clues to be sniffed out around the time of Happy Hour. …

whodunnit, eyewire, enqeyewirer, accuracy hh, hh, competitions

Whodunnit? Accuracy Happy Hour

It’s been 1 week since Grim’s mysterious disappearance, but the culprit still remains at large. Never fear Eyewire citizens, those shifty HQ …