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Eyewire Rocks: Awards

Thanks for rockin’ with us all week long on our geological journey! At HQ we loved the opportunity to delve deep into …

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Eyewire Rocks: Mesozoic wins!

The closing bell has sounded! That’s a wrap! And as the dust clears… it appears Team Mesozoic has carried the day! That …

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Eyewire Rocks: Trivia

If you’ll forgive us another play on words, geology is an absolute goldmine of cool facts, shiny objects, and special terminology. Pretty …

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Eyewire Rocks: Hunt

Besides being able to identify different types of minerals and the rocks composed from them, a geologist often needs to become versed …

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Eyewire Rocks: A Geological Journey

FOR SCIENCE! That’s always been Eyewire’s rallying call, and once again HQ is unveiling a new learning experience for our citizen scientists— …