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Explore Cortical Neurons

We are excited to share the MICrONS Explorer, a visualization tool featuring 364 excitatory cortical neurons. These cells come from Layer 2/3 …

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Neuron iPhone and Android Wallpapers

Here’s a new iPhone and Android lock screen background featuring¬†a render of a cortical column found within the dataset that will become …

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Gray Matter vs White Matter

In order to internalize these components of self, we’re excited to invite you to participate in the brain battle of Grey Matter …

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2019 Neo Update

If you play Eyewire, you’ve probably heard us talk about Neo for what seems like years and years and years. It’s a …

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Alice in Neuroland: Trivia

Just when it looks like the optic nerve would never actually come to an end: behold, a door appears before you, with …

alice in wonderland, citizen science, Eyewire, Lina, Nurro, Sebastian Seung

Alice’s Adventures in Neuroland

It’s been an ordinary afternoon, perhaps, but for anyone with an active imagination there’s never quite such a thing as “ordinary.” Here …