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Join a Live Science Chat with Ashwin

Save the date! Seung Lab postdoc, electron microscope expert, and zebrafish researcher Ashwin Vishwanathan will be hosting a live science chat in …

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Eyewire Chat Rule Book

Laws of the Land Eyewire is a diverse community with players of all ages and nationalities coming together to help science! One …

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All about Mods

If you like to chat in Eyewire, you have probably come into contact with some of our friendly moderators, or “Mods” as the …

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Chat Bot 101

EyeWire Chat has special player-generated commands. Here they are in full glory. This is one post in a series of posts highlighting …

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New Colors in EyeWire Chat

Enjoy a rainbow whilst mapping the connectome. EyeWire chat just got supercharged with an array of new colors. Starting today, purple usernames …