Join a Live Science Chat with Ashwin

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Save the date! Seung Lab postdoc, electron microscope expert, and zebrafish researcher Ashwin Vishwanathan will be hosting a live science chat in Eyewire as well as delivering a presentation about zebrafish neurons on video on Thursday, March 15 at 2 pm US ET on Zoom video and as a part of Brain Awareness Week. The scichat will begin with a ~20 min video presentation from Ashwin and be followed by Q&A in eyewire chat.

Other HQ team members will also be online and ready to chat and answer questions about Eyewire, Neo, and general neuroscience.

The video portion will take place and be recorded via zoom. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be on video. It’ll be Ashwin’s angelic voice over a slide deck. To be ready, download Zoom (it’s free). The video will go live at 2pm at this link:

Image by Zoe Gillette