Susi’s 25 Million point interview!

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Congratulations to @susi for making it to 25 million points in Eyewire!  Here’s an interview between susi and fellow player @r3 about susi’s big accomplishment!  A special thanks from HQ to r3 for conducting this interview and to susi for some great responses.  And of course, for being a great part of the Eyewire community.  For science!

Hello Susi and congratulations on an amazing 25 million points and being Top 2 of all time players! How do you feel about it?

Thanks for the compliments! I feel very good! I remember the day I reached the first million and got member number 6 in millionaires-club behind ketta, jamiexq, a5hm0r, jinbean and buco, that was May 31 2013 and the first big highlight. Next was promotion to scout in summer 13 and to scythe in Dec 13, and in summer 13 I was winner of the GeekWeekGames. Highlight was also my first evil-cubes creation with Nseraf, Titan-Wars Jan 15. All such achievements are highly satisfying. And number 2 behind Nseraf – a very good feeling.

When you started to play Eyewire, did you ever believed you would reach this amount of points? What are your favourite things when it comes to Eyewire?

Lol, no I didn’t. My first aim was always to just have fun and do my best for science. The Eyewire points-system is very important of course, but for me mainly to get an idea how I do as compared to other players and to compete with them. My favourite thing about Eyewire is the scientific background combined with the high fun factor playing the “game”.

You yourself come from a scientific background. How much did that help or influence you?

Aaaah, it influenced me strongly! I found a new purpose in life, eyewiring is kind of a third career with link to my first. It highly satisfies me, reminds of earlier days and knowledge being part inside a scientific project. My second career comprised book keeping, a job I did for over 30 years (and still do, and like to do). My first professional career I made in biology. My Masters-work 1972 covered the 3-dimensional reconstruction of the brain, brain-neurons and olfactory organ of a Caecilian, based on light microscopic sections all was hand-made, no computer-assistance. Later I made PhD and after that some years studies and publications about the ultrastructure of Larger Foraminifera and their symbionts. (more details in Featured Eyewirer: susi). You see, reconstruction of cells as we do in Eyewire and finding relations between shape and function has always been a most interesting topic for me!

How important is the community for your well-being in EyeWire?

Community is very important. I have found new friends. I like to hear about people’s thoughts from all over the world. The comments of youngsters tell me how much world has changed and keep me young (I try). And the teamwork in technical Eyewire-questions is excellent. There no competition, but constructive help!

After such a long time and so many points, do you feel like things become repetitive or is there always a new challenge with the cells and cubes?

I will stay fan of Eyewire! Nothing repetitive! As mentioned above, getting points is not primary aim. Every cube is own and new challenge. Probably I will do more scything and scythe-completing in the future. Finding Evil Cubes and being game-creator for a possible future merger-search are also quite interesting challenges.

What is your best advice to newcomers in Eyewire? And is there anything you would like to change or improve?

I would say: have a little patience and just play a while to get experience and the feeling what is correct. Do not rely too much what 2D implies to trace, always look at 3D and overview. Is there a rounded surface? Does trace fit into overall look of cell? While inside cube, always change orientation, you will find segments overseen before. Ask in chat for help, if you are not sure, scythes and mentors can help. Getting better you can do a big career in Eyewire, get scout, scythe, mentor and moderator, which is even more fun. And never forget: You do this for science, that’s a pretty beneficial factor. There are some small things I would like to improve, but these are not worth to detail here.

I often wonder how well Eyewire software works, my compliments to HQ!