Standard Happy Hours

Happy Hour is an event when you can earn bonus points by reaching different point platforms.

EyeWire, Happy Hour EyeWire

EyeWire HQ holds weekly Happy Hour competitions on Fridays from 2 pm EST until 4 pm EST (yes we know that’s longer than an hour).

The Point Brackets are as follows:

  • Score over 1000 points and win a bonus of 500 points
  • Score over 2500 points and win a bonus of 1000 points
  • Score over 5000 points and win a bonus of 2500 points
  • For everyone 2000 points you score over 5000, you will win an additional 500

The top player during Happy Hour will also receive a bonus of 50% of their base score!

HQ has been known to surprise players with additional happy hours throughout the week so keep an eye out for notifications via the message of the day, facebook, twitter, chat, the blog and smoke signals!

The points you have to earn can be our standard rules (outlined above) or they sometimes there is a theme (such as point values based on a holiday).




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