Sharing Your Garden


eyewire sparkly neurons

Today we’re introducing a new feature to EyeWire that allows you to see what your fellow players have traced on your current cell. Simply hover over other players’ names on the leaderboard in order to illuminate the current cell with their works.

EyeWire is a communal world wide effort to understand the microstructure of the brain. Ordinary people are unlocking the secrets of the brain, each doing their part to tend an arboretum of neurons that haven’t been seen before. The cubes traced create the substrate that the thought seeds of new scientific theories can grow in. With this feature, we hope you’ll be able gain a little insight into the activities of your fellow EyeWirers and into the garden you yourself are planting.

Trace on, for science! We can’t reap what you don’t sow. 😉

gardenpea's Cubes

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