Round 2 of Neuron Type Naming is Now Underway

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The 74 Eyewirers who completed over 7,500 cubes during the Countdown to Neuropia, which contributed to the recent publication in Cell, are now eligible to name a new type of neuron!

Nominations were delivered on Aug 20 via Eyewire notification and email to the following players:

nopasaran, twister2, jamiexq, reb1618, aesanta1, pfenn, galarun, ginny, susi, lobusparietalis, cschein, gruigah, soniac, dataminerstarr, tiikerikani, aldof, Manni_Mammut, MaraTara, Nseraf, pistachio, Atani, 1sigor, ronin, michellewooten, aluorvats, m7md, dereks, jbinsc, melissa0774, elliesaysmeow, ngiaopao, vogon, toknow, LotteryDiscountz, lotus98, Andrearwen, sjhy2050, Unclewilley, MikeGB, tunerk7, duckgu92, jinsol6, jh1109, Sunnyway, superrogin, scoobi, djajsl1234, fidel, mam711, lili77, 0303sb, seo646, freesong, rightnet, britishclimate, rekrab, kinryuu, kwangyong810, seu1140, LCU, wjddls521, Cliodhna, Rosse, alswns4097, PersonalGamer, cls6679, newcity9141, qkrw1, thrkajrek, chijunse, dmlcks1228, gren25, qk2922qh, kimjh0718

Nomination deadline: Friday, Aug 24 at noon. 

Voting will open next week to players who participated in the Countdown. The winning name will be announced at the end of the Brain Zoo Closing Ceremony.