Recent Changes to Accuracy

Hey EyeWirers!

Sorry about the bad accuracy and lost points! We had deployed a new accuracy system and had to work out a few bugs, but everything is now back to normal!

The new accuracy system updates constantly, not just on mondays! If you submit a cube that has been traced by two or more other players your accuracy will update to include that submission.

This will also work retroactively! Once 2 other people trace a cube that you trailblazed, it will also count towards your accuracy. And if you submitted a cube, and everyone else got it wrong, your accuracy will be updated when a scythe or admin comes by and corrects that cube!

With the current system, your accuracy is displayed for all cubes completed since the previous sunday, unless you haven’t done a cube since sunday. Your ability to trailblaze and your weight (explained in Amy’s blog post) are determined by last weeks accuracy.

Also, you may notice your accuracy will change significantly at the beginning of the week. Don’t worry too much about it, it changes by a lot because you haven’t done that many cubes. As you do more cubes, your accuracy should stabilize.

Enjoy your live accuracy EyeWire!

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