Pony Bowl: Rainbow Pony vs. Twinkle Pony vs. Bashful Pony

In support of our dedicated Eyewirers from the Brony@Home forum, Eyewire is hosting its very own Super Sunday Pony Bowl!  Pick your favorite pony and let the horseplay commence!


Rainbow Pony

Image by Pascal
  • Lightning speed
  • Rainbow colors!
  • Lots of spunk

Twinkle Pony

Image by Pascal
  • Cool unicorn horn
  • Book smarts
  • Maaaaagic!

Bashful Pony

Image by Pascal
  • Animal lover
  • A little shy
  • Kind and caring

The competition runs from 2/7 at 1 PM ET – 2/8 at 1 PM ET.  Regular VS bonuses apply.

Let the pony games begin!  For scieneighhhhs!

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