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May Marathon: Results!

Phew! Wipe the sweat from your brow and rejoice, for the marathon is now complete! This marathon cell was completed in 4 …

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Team Infrared wins!

Hooray! After a stunning last-minute upset, we have our winner for the electromagnetic battle: Team Infrared! Looks like Eyewire radiates on the …

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Dig Sector 13 is Complete!

Spring has sprung and lucky Sector 13 of The Dig is complete as of 5/10/2019! Sector 13 was crowded full with 211 …

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Gray Matter vs White Matter

In order to internalize these components of self, we’re excited to invite you to participate in the brain battle of Grey Matter …

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Art competition winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our art competition, we loved looking at your Eyewire art! Now let’s check out the winners! 1st …

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Night at the Eyewire Museum: Awards

Thank you to all who participated in this month’s competition.  We hope you enjoyed our stroll through some interesting art movements and …