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ferns, Eyewire, citizen science, public domain, greenery

Garden of Eyewire: Trivia

If you’re playing 20 Questions and you always answer “animal, vegetable, or mineral?” with “vegetable,” this might be the event for you. …

fractal trees, public domain, Eyewire, citizen science, fractal geometry, computer generated fractal

Garden of Eyewire: Fractal Hunt

Why do neurons have dendrites, anyway? How do dendrites get that name? Well, dendrite comes from a Greek root for “tree.” You …

Garden of Eyewire, Brax, Nurro, eyewire, citizen science, botany, Daniela Gamba

Enter the Garden of Eyewire!

There is nothing in the world like stepping into a lush, serene garden that cocoons you in beautiful flowers and tall trees. …

Eyewire, citizen science, Flyx, Brax, open promotions, Scythe, Mystic, Scout, mod, Mentor

May Open Promotions

Hello Eyewirers! This is your monthly reminder about open promotions for Scouts, Scythes, Mystics, Mods, and Mentors! You can fill out the …

base, pH, Nurro, Eyewire, citizen science, competition, winner

Team Base wins!

What a pHantastic, pHabulous, possibly even pHizzy battle! In the great bubbling broil of this VS, one challenger has taken the crown: …