Eyewire: Next Generation

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You might have noticed that the Eyewire tutorial hasn’t changed much in years. As Bob Dylan said, the times, they are a changin’. We’re pleased to invite all players to help create the next generation of Eyewire by curating the very cubes that will introduce new players to the wonderful world of tracing.

We’ve put together for you a skeleton of our plan to redo onboarding, which you can check out here. HQ is in the process of collecting cubes that will guide new players on their quest as they learn to map neurons. No one knows cubes better than you, the Eyewire community, so we thought we’d open up the opportunity for you to become gamemakers. In the first stage, we’re looking for a set of easy and medium cubes, especially those that contain many branches, nubs, boutons, and mergers.  To participate, add your cubes on this spreadsheet. If you have any questions, ask an admin in chat or email support at eyewire.org.

You will be rewarded for every cube you choose that becomes part of the tutorial.

Thanks for being a part of the Eyewire community!  We appreciate your participation. For science!