New Swag for Wizard of Neuropia!

Eyewire is offering up special edition swag for our Wizard of Neuropia competition! Now you can win Swag with Eyewire’s “Wizard of Neuropia” original artwork, available to the winner of any t-shirt, mug, and our new specialty totes!

eyewiretoteCheck out our store to see all the new available items.  Check out photos of our previous competition winners with their Eyewire swag here.

Here’s the list of swag you can win in each competition:

Competition  Swag Winners
Accuracy Happy Hour tote
Most accurate
Top 5 most accurate
Evil Cubes tote
Most accurate (must complete all evil cubes)
Top 5 most accurate (must complete all evil cubes)
Evil cubes raffle (must complete all evil cubes)
Trivia tote
High score
Top 3 high score
Lions vs Tigers vs Bears tote
poster + sticker
High score overall (regardless of winning team)
High scorer on each team
Participant on winning team (must recieve minimum bonus to qualify)
Marathon tote
Top 8 high score
Top 15 high score
Medal recipient in the marathon
**Raffle** 12 totes
2 posters
1 book
5 mugs
5 shirts
Recipient of participant badge in any competition

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