New Mystic Features: Send cells directly to admins, and tag users in Scouts’ Log!

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HQ is pleased to get autumn rolling with a couple of improvements for the Mystic experience! Get ready for some streamlining and better feedback.

Send your duplicates straight to Need Admin!

Oh no, you’ve just selected a cell as Player A and it turned into a full duplicate clone almost immediately! How rude of it! Now you’ll have to send it down the chain until it finally gets to Need Admin.

Well, not anymore! Starting now, there’s a handy new way to beam your sneaky duplicate cells straight to Need Admin where they belong.

Introducing… the “Move to Admin” button!

You can find this button under the Start Playing Menu where the rest of your Mystic buttons live. If your cell turns into a duplicate simply press this button to send it straight to an admin. Please don’t forget to make a Scouts’ Log entry on the duplicate cube as well so that we have documentation of what went wrong and any additional information on images you’d like to share.

After you complete both these steps you are free to move on to your next Mystic cell. It’s as simple as that!

Introducing Scouts’ Log tagging!

We’re bringing Mystics a brand new feature to help you improve your zebrafish tracing skills. It’s called tagging!

What is tagging?

Right now admins can send notifications to everyone on Eyewire, to a group of people who meet certain criteria (such as our cell naming notifications), or to even just one person. This allows us to get information out to only those who need it without crowding everyone’s inbox with excess notifications.

We’re extending this idea to Scouts’ Log so that we can notify specific Mystics about a cube they worked on which has a problem, or about an issue that has been resolved since they last touched it.

How does it work?

When an admin is making a new Scouts’ Log entry they will add names to the “Tag player(s)” section, in a comma separated list. When the entry is submitted any player who was tagged will receive a notification.

These notifications will tell you who tagged you and which cell and cube ID you were tagged on. You can click the cube ID to jump to that cube, and then open “Cube Details” to see what was written.

What’s the purpose of tagging? Can’t anyone see Scouts’ Log?

Yes, everyone can see all open entries in Scouts’ Log. However, cubes are often fixed by players other than the ones who originally played the cubes, and cubes that have been set to “Good” are no longer visible in SL for review.

Tagging allows us to alert another player to a cube that we have a question for them about, or that we think it would be useful for them to review so they can learn from a mistake and improve at Eyewire. With tagging this is possible even if the cube has been set to “Good.”

Please note that tagging is used as a learning tool and is not meant to be punitive. You will not have points deducted or have a promotion docked because you were tagged on a cube (or on many cubes).

Can players tag other players? What about using this on e2198 (regular Eyewire) cells?

The location of the “Tag Player(s)” field, right below the “Notes” field in a new Scouts’ Log entry

At this moment we are only going to be tagging Mystics, and in turn we’ll be opening up tagging abilities to Mystic players on Mystic cells only. Since Mystic cells do not have automated accuracy feedback like e2198 cells do, tagging will be an improvement for our review system, and will allow for more immediate feedback. We will probably extend this to admin powers on the rest of Eyewire, and possibly to Scythes, if it works well.

If you are a Mystic, please use tagging in a similar way to how you would use the Mystic Review spreadsheet. Tag a player on cubes where their error resulted in a large missing branch or merger branch. You do not need to tag players on every cube with a small amount of missing dust or nubs. Please be thoughtful and respectful in how you phrase your messages, because nobody’s perfect.

In the future we may replace the Mystic Review sheet with tagging. Tagging allows players to more quickly make review entries for others without having to open new tabs, copy and paste information, and save and upload screenshots. Look out for more information on this soon.


As usual, if you have any questions or concerns about how to use these features, feel free to @ an admin in chat or drop us a line at!

Happy zfishing!