More Evil, More Cubes

Greetings from the underworld.  The GrimReaper has been absent a long time, it took time to climb through the forest of mergers and a most tangled jungle of dendrites.  But fear not, the GrimReaper has brought you a present.

10 of the most evil cubes in the history of EyeWire.  Each full of some truly evil twists and turns. Are you up to the challenge?

For aiding the GrimReaper in this most wicked of challenges, you will be rewarded with a shiny new badge.  Fit for lording over those not brave enough to attempt the challenge.  Your performance will be judged on your accuracy, and you will be:

Evil Cubes Challenger: awarded for completion of the challenge

Evil Cubes Master: awarded for at least 80% accuracy on all cubes

Evil Cubes Grandmaster: awarded for at least 90% accuracy on all cubes

The Evil Cubes Challenge will open AT 1pm, the 24th of July.  It will remain open for two weeks, until the 7th of August at 1pm.   You will be judged on your accuracy.   At the end of the challenge there will be an award ceremony.   Badges will be awarded to those courageous enough to make it through the horrors of the evil cubes.
Once you have entered the challenge, there are no time limits within the two week time frame — You may play as few, or as many cubes as you like, and come back at a later point.
All submissions final…
Back to the underworld…
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