Live Overview

scythe, live overview, overview, eyewire live, citizen science, scythe

We’re excited to launch Live Overview, a feature that shows the real-time game activity of other Eyewirers directly on the cell.

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Regular Eyewire gameplay appears as glowing green next to a Play icon.

After an Eyewirer has submitted the first cube of a session, her Play status appears in overview. The Live Overview will display an anonymous player next to the current cube being played until the player changes activity, leaves the site or 10 minutes have elapsed.


scythe, live overview, overview, eyewire live, citizen science, scythe

Glowing blue with Scythe icon means that a player is Reaping or Flagging.

This means a Scout or Scythe is inspecting the cube. Players inspect to flag and fix tricky traces, ensuring that the 3D neural reconstructions that come out of Eyewire are accurate. Scythes may be removing mergers or extending stuck branches when you see this icon.


scythe, live overview, overview, eyewire live, citizen science, scythe

Glowing purple next to this Icon means that a Scythe is checking the branch for completeness.

When two Scythes mark a cube or sequence of cubes as Complete, they are locked from gameplay.

Future versions of this feature will hopefully incorporate visualizations from the Scouts Log.

Adjust the glow, toggle on/off icons, and go anon via Settings

scythe, live overview, overview, eyewire live, citizen science, scythe

The Feature looks different depending on your browser:

Chrome (Eyewire’s preferred browser) + Edge/IE + Opera: Glow + Icons

Firefox: Outline without glow + Icon

Safari: Icon only


Your feedback about this feature is welcome. Send it to


Special thanks to our CS Intern Spencer Franklin and 3D Animation Intern Broderick Woodward-Crackower for working on this feature.