It’s time for the May Marathon!

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Mmm! One thing we love about May at HQ is how many tasty fruits and vegetables we can find at the farmer’s market, as hints of summer begin to bloom. But the juiciest, tastiest treat of all this month ought to be a marathon cell or two! Are you ready for the May Marathon? We sure are.

Starting at 8 PM EDT on 5/29 you’ll have 24 hours to complete one or more cells!

New Marathon Scoring

We’ve been trying out a new system for marathons. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Multiple cells will be up during the marathon. One live cell will be designated the “marathon cell,” with a 3x points multiplier!
  • Cube count bonuses: 3500 points per 25 cube traced.
  • SC bonuses are doubled on all cells.
  • Every 3 SCs counts for 1 cube toward naming eligibility & per-cell completion bonus.
  • 50 cubes = 5,000 points per completed cell, plus rights to vote on a new name for the marathon cell
  • 200 cubes = 10,000 points per completed cell, plus rights to nominate a new name for the marathon cell

Based on how our first test went in April, this time we will be automatically assigning all players to the marathon cell when they log in or refresh, until the cell is complete. This may help funnel player traffic more effectively to just one cell when the marathon starts. We appreciate your patience as we continue optimizing the marathon format!

Artwork by Daniela Gamba