Introducing Retro Trailblaze Notifications

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We’re pleased to announce retroactive trailblaze notifications!

Wait, what’s a trailblaze? trailblaze icon, trailblaze, eyewire icons, eyewire ui

A trailblazer is the first player to play a cube. Since Eyewire points are based on how the accurate players who do the same cube agree, we can’t immediately award points to trailblazers. They received an immediate bonus of 25 points on Level 1 cells and 50 points on Level 2 cellsWhen consensus is reached on a cube, usually 3 players, the trailblazer is awarded retroactive points. Up until now, if you didn’t happen to see the grey chat message noting something like “galarun earned 296 points from trailblazing” the points are silently added to your profile without so much as a sparkle of fanfare. No more!

Each day slightly after midnight, Nurro will conjure a notification for all players who trailblazed cubes during the previous 24 hours.

The retro notification includes:

  • total cubes trailblazed
  • retro points won
  • interactive list of all cubes sorted by points that includes accuracy and allows you to jump straight to any cube

Use the Cube ID to jump into Review Mode for any of the cubes.

We hope you like this feature! Let us know your feedback and feature suggestions by emailing Thanks for playing Eyewire. For science!