Humdrum Friday Grumpy Hours

Usually you love Friday Happy Hours!  But for some reason today just isn’t one of those days.  You’re feeling a little blue — no more like grey — today.  As you sit at your computer you just can’t shake this strange feeling.

A little blue bird lands at your window sill.  You wave hello to it but it flies away.  You watch it grow smaller and smaller in the distance.

grumpycatdorothymemeIt disappears over the horizon, where you can just make out the faint outline of a rainbow.  Sometimes you wish you could just take off and fly alongside the bird.  You wonder where it has flown off to.

Maybe one day you’ll find out….

At least there are always bonus points!

  • Score over 1000 points and win a bonus of 500 points
  • Score over 2500 points and win a bonus of 1000 points
  • Score over 5000 points and win a bonus of 2500 points
  • For every 2000 points you score over 5000, you will win an additional 500

Humdrum Friday Grumpy Hours go from 2-4 PM ET on Friday 5/15.

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