Halloween Pumpkin Hours

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Calling all ghosts and goblins! We’re celebrating the world’s most chilling holiday with two popup pumpkin happy hours today, October 31, from 2-4 pm & 10pm – midnight US ET (for an easy time conversion, click the “?” menu in Eyewire and scroll to the bottom to see local time at HQ). Beware of the ghosts!

A special Halloween Team will turn your username pumpkin orange today only! Join by typing \team Halloween in chat.

Get in the zone with this frankentastic playlist and a special timelapse pumpkin drawing from Daniela.

Pumpkin Hour bonuses are like regular bonuses but spookier:

  • Score over 1000 points and win a bonus of 500 points plus one free broom ride
  • Score over 2500 points and win a bonus of 1000 points plus one haunted pumpkin
  • Score over 5000 points and win a bonus of 2500 points plus one zombie personal assistant on Nov 1
  • For everyone 2000 points you score over 5000, you will win an additional 500 and one werewolf candy cane
  • The top player during Happy Hour will also receive a bonus of 50% of their base score and a vampire high five.