Grim’s Grim Predictions

The GrimReaper has been woken from a deep slumber by something. But by what? A premonition.

The GrimReaper senses that Chemical Z has begun infecting EyeWire HQ, and will soon spread to all players.

Soon all of EyeWire may turn into undead fiends, and then the world!  And not the good kind of undead fiends.  The kind that walk around painfully slowly, and who have an annoying obsession with brains!

Only a few people will be immune or will be able to find the cure to Chemical Z.  How do you find the cure you ask?

The GrimReaper predicts a series of evil Z Cubes will appear on 10/24.  Those brave enough to make contact with the Z Cube cell may be able to cure themselves of the sinister Chemical Z.  Grim sees the number “13.”  Perhaps a lucky 13 may be able to find a cure!  However, Grim predicts that they must not wait beyond the date of 10/28 or it will be too late!

The GrimReaper also senses that 10 EyeWirers may be spared from a zombified state during the Dracula vs Frankenstein competition on the 28th and 29th of October.

Brains will be tested for Chemical Z levels with Trivia questions during the hour of noon on 10/28. There will be routine trivia checkups during Z Cubes as well.

The players who manage to ward off Chemical Z will fight the Zombies in the Final Show Down in an Epic Marathon Battle from 4pm on 10/29 through 4pm on 10/30. Who will win, Team Human, or Team Zombie?

The GrimReaper knows not. We shall see.


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