Amacrine Adventures: Search for the Golden Soma Part III

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Tis been a perilous journey indeed! Ye have collected a fair bounty, but has been no calm day at sea.

First, ye faced off against the the much afeared Neuroctopus. Whilst the Kraken may boast eight giant arms, the Neuroctopus has many more, and may sting ye with its firey synapiclaws.

Indeed, the boatswain got a little too big fer his britches and received quite a shock from ole Nuerocto itself.

Now he is restin’ below deck, mumblin’ on about something incomprehensible. Ye hearties have tried to temper him with a bit o’ grog to calm him but so far nary a remedy has worked.

Ye be thinkin’ it may be time enough to take leave of this harsh place and move to more friendly waters, but the Captain thinks otherwise.

There be a great bounty in the Merger Mountains, but ye must carry on by foot. The Captain assigns ye as leader of the temporary landlubbers and ye reluctantly agree lest ye be dropped into the brine fer denyin’ yer superiors.

Somehow this prospect rouses the boatswain, who still makes little sense but insists on accompanying ye. It is futile to tell him to stay back and rest so ye give a little shrug and just tell him ye will not give chase if he runs about and makes himself t’ be a fool.

After many days of walking about and many tussles with the motley rogues of the shore, ye finally approach Merger Mountains. They be quite craggy with many bits and bobs that don’t quite agree with yer eyes.

But buried deep inside is quite the bounty indeed! Ye feast yer eyes on more loot and treasure than ye have seen in yer whole life! Can Cap’n Grim’s treasure be more vast than this? If ’tis, ye will be a rich buccaneer indeed!

All in all ye uncover 21 Loots and 28 Treasures here. Amazing!

The boatswain mumbles utterances under his breath and then finally in a moment of pure clarity, runs off to a dark and cavernous place between the rocks. He emerges with a look of victory upon his face! He carries what appears t’ be a weathered piece of driftwood. Ye stare him down with a bit o’ malice and scorn.

But ’tis not what it seems! He twists the wood apart and inside – another message! And another map! Fate indeed has smiled on ye once more! The boatswain insists it was a premonition instilled in him by contact with the synapticlaws of the Neuroctopus. Seems suspicious, but ye can’t argue the results!

amacrine adventures, map, treasure, fun, science

“Have you taken a bit too much upon your plate? Then take a rest at the Ganglion Straits! But don’t lay down your head too long, drosophila’s form will point you along. The sea air will cleanse you at the synapse shore, then Dendritic Docks will set you to sail once more!”

This next trip sounds t’ be a bit more peaceful for ye, but ye must keep yer wits – nothing is ever so simple as it may seem.

Ye can feel the treasure gettin’ closer in yer bones. Sleep is for the lily-livered, ye must press on!

The South West corner of the map has been revealed! There’s sure to be a bounty or two here, and many tales to be created! Let’s see what we can find in our 3rd corner. Hopefully we will uncover the last bit of the map – and an impressive treasure to boot!

Art by Daniela Gamba