Get ready for the July Marathon!

marathon, July, Nurro, beach, palm trees, vacation, seaside, postcard

Is it just about marathon time? It sure is. Eyewirers, prepare to settle in for a night and day of epic tracing! When the dust has settled, we’ll not only see how many cubes, Scythe Completes, and bonus points you’ve raked in, but also how many cells you finished in a row. What do you think you can accomplish? Shoot for the stars!

Starting at 8 PM EDT on 7/17 you’ll have 24 hours to complete one or more cells! Please note we are holding this marathon a little earlier than usual in order to avoid overlap with next week’s VS. We will be avoiding that sort of overlap in the future for marathons in odd-numbered months.

As usual, bonus info can be viewed in your in-game notifications. Good luck! For science!

Artwork by Daniela Gamba