Frankenstein vs. Dracula Results

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The Dawn of a new day finds the battle over. The warm rays of the morning sun pierce the lingering fog to reveal Dracula/Dr. Frankenstein victorious.! O’ glory to thee patchwork patriots. You’ve defended your ancient home and the right to meddle with the powers of the divine.  For SCIENCE!!


Now, now, don’t get carried away with congratulating yourselves just yet. While you waged war, Chemical Z had found its way to the battlefield. All but ten of you have succumbed to its voracious will!

In the midst of battle, Caffeine was seen driving chrisotahal to a cliff edge, which subsequently gave way under their combined weight. The fall was great, but your will to survive was greater! Such cannot be said about the ability of Chemical Z to descend cliff faces. This may just be the only time anyone, ever, has counted themselves lucky to have fallen from a cliff.

As for michellewooten, brianamywa, and faunhaert… They took their fiendish fisticuffs to the Beaufort estate and into the very laboratory of Edgar Frankenstein himself, who, being aware of the spreading disease, had concocted a trial cure. He was looking for viable subjects to test it on, and lo! There you were! And now here you are, cured! Unfortunately for us at HQ, the good Dr fled to Geneva, and took his cure with him. How selfish!


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