Featured Eyewirer: Yeexzyz

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A behind the scenes look at the Eyewire community.

Meet the Eyewirers who are mapping the brain. Today’s featured player is @Yeexzyz.

Introduce yourself!

Hi everybody! My name is MG, but you may know me better as Yeexzyz (pronounced YEEK-ZEES). I am currently an eighth grade student living in a small town in New Jersey. I actually have several learning disabilities, with ADHD and mild autism being the most prominent. I am obsessed with professional wrestling to the point where it takes over my entire life. My dream job is to be a professional wrestler or a pediatric plastic surgeon.

Why do you play Eyewire?

I play Eyewire because it is a fun game that can take my mind off of whatever life throws at me. Also, it helps me get through school without being a bored mess! For science!

How did you discover Eyewire?

I actually found it through an article I had to read for language arts, believe it or not!

Share a story that helps the world get to know you.

I mainly like to keep my personal life private, but my dad was once in a band with famous American singer Dierks Bentley!

Anything Else you’d like to add?

You can follow me on Twitter at @xxx_neville and on Tumblr at @officialbroski10_blog.


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