Featured Eyewirer: @skruffylooter

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A behind the scenes look at the EyeWire community.

Meet the EyeWirers who are mapping the brain. Today’s featured EyeWirer is @skruffylooter.

Introduce yourself!

My name is Kornél. But, Kornél is not me. It’s just a name that identifies me. So, I am a high school student in Hungary, by the time this is my final year in a vocational school, I study chemical industry, but I’m sure I’ll leave this profession for biology, and later mycology.
Well, introducing myself is a hard task. I dare to seem conceited and say I have diverse interests and wide-ranging knowledge.

Basically, I’m a science person, but I’m interested in a lot of stuff. I play on a few instruments such as my self-assembled cajon, build audio amplifiers and stuff like that, and grow carnivorous plants and orchids. I am fond of handwork, such as woodworking, welding, soldering, etc. I listen to practically all kind of music, ranging from progressive goa trance to viking folk metal and authentic native music. I also love hiking and I do mushroom-hunting along with it, and I have been doing martial arts since I was around 7.

Why do you play EyeWire?

Well, for several reasons!

First of all, it totally fits for me. It has a point, it doesn’t require constant attention, I can see what I’ve done, etc. So nothing like an RPG, I really don’t like those. EW is the first and only computer game I play regularly. (save Xscorch, but that’s another world…)

On the less practical side, it’s relaxing for me, still entertaining. And, of course, I LOVE this community! Everybody is nice to the others, the gamemasters are always helpful, the veteran players never mock but help the newcomers, and you can feel that the whole mentality is based on cooperation, not competition. And, for last but not at least, you go to bed after a hard tracing session with the knowledge you contributed to science by helping to build a vast database that will help us understand how the mind works.

How did you discover EyeWire?

On February 4th, 2015, I was scrolling through the pages of 9gag, and I found a post showing the start page of EW, and the EW slogan as title.

So I googled the game, registered, and started playing with the knowledge I am the only active user from my country. I had no chance to play every day as much as I wanted, but I played when I could and I enjoyed it. I made new friends here, gained some experience, and now I’m here, still playing, being glad I was considered worthy for all achievable posts, with the determination I will be a productive member of this awesome society.

Share a story that helps the world get to know you.

Well, it’s hard to answer. Forgive me for not answering the question directly itself:
When someone asks me: What do you want to be when you are older? I answer: Happy. John Lennon was a wise man.

I want to live a life where the money is a tool, not the goal. In the far future, I want to teach mycology, and I don’t want to lose my attitude I have now. I see myself in 10 years still raving on goa festivals, hunting mushrooms in the forests, growing my venus flytraps on the balcony, jamming with my buddies, repairing broken and thrown-out stuff, all this with long dreadlocks and braided red beard… It might sound idealistic, but right now I more or less live the dream of the 13-14 yo myself.

Anything Else you’d like to add?


I have already said everything I considered worthy to be said. Some people say I’m rude, that is true in some cases, I admit. But most of the times, I’m simply brutally honest. By the way, I love to meet new people, so find me on facebook if you share this attitude with me!


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