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A behind the scenes look at the Eyewire community.

Meet the Eyewirers who are mapping the brain. Today’s featured Eyewirer is @Fabiett.

Introduce yourself!

Hi everybody, my name is Fabio and I live in Napoli, the biggest city in southern Italy (the city where pizza was invented). I consider myself a citizen of the world, but I love Napoli. Goethe said in his Italian Journey, “One can’t blame the Neapolitan for never wanting to leave his city”.

I’m 24 and I am in 4th year of medical school, right now also working on my internship in general surgery, with surgery being my passion and taking most of my time. Between lessons and internship I spent most of my day at the hospital.

Also I volunteer for a non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities for teenagers: when I was 17 I went abroad (in the USA) as a foreign exchange student, that experience totally changed me and since I went back home I decided to get involved as a volunteer, to give others the same opportunity I had.

In my free time I like too prepare me a delicious meal (the benefit of being Italian), read a book (once was a bookworm, right now surrounded by textbooks it gets more tiring) or watch a movie.

And, of course, when I’m on the internet I love playing Eyewire!

Why do you play Eyewire?

For science!

Actually when I finished high school research was my “dream job,” albeit later discovering some other interests. Still, research always fascinated me, and the fact that a game I do to relax can help science progress it makes it feel like it’s also meaningful. I am also really interested in the connectome theory and this way I can also stay up to date with the researches.

Moreover it is fun to play, and there is a great community of players behind, always ready to help you and work together.

How did you discover Eyewire?

Once I was searching for some citizen science game, in particular I was looking for something new (already had played some other games).

Eyewire was the one closest to my interests, and as I read the description I reminded that I already heard about it somewhere (it was https://www.ted.com/talks/sebastian_seung), so I also watched other videos and the day after I started playing.

Share a story that helps the world get to know you.

A couple months after I started my internship it happened that we had a case that was also the topic of a lessons my professor took the year before. It wasn’t anything special, nor I was impressed when I heard that lesson, but as I knew I would’ve been in surgery room for that operation first I looked back on my notes, then went to the library to look for a manual usually used during specialty, than watched videos on youtube about it. I spent probably around 6 hours (of my free time and mostly of my sleep) studying for it, and that wasn’t even too much.

That tells that I am very curious and might read anything I get my hands on, and although I wouldn’t consider myself a person with a great attention span, when I get interested in something new I focus on that and I might spend hours or whole nights learning more about it, I forget about the rest of the world in the meanwhile.

Anything Else you’d like to add?

Unfortunately I’m not that much of an active player, because from time to time I need to stay off for weeks or even months, but when I am online on chat feel free to ask anything!

Picture of a sunset from my room
Picture of a sunset from my room

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