Eyewire’s Stay At Home Games

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It’s probably week 4 of social distancing and remote work for Eyewire HQ but we’re not really sure anymore. Observing the recommended measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus can be challenging and feel isolating, so we’re launching the Stay At Home Games to bring the community together.

Starting April 2, we’ll launch five event categories in the Eyewire forum where you can share your pics and stories. The Eyewirer with the most liked post in each category will receive a unique badge for their profile. All who participate will win the Stay At Home Badge.

Submissions close Thurs, April 9 and we ask that you complete voting by noon on April 10. Winners will be announced in Eyewire at 4 pm on Friday, April 10, immediately following Happy Hour.

Let’s check out the events!

  1. Isolation Station
  2. Home Hobbyist
  3. Pets of Eyewire
  4. Delicious Distance
  5. Fan Art Challenge

Team Competition: Stay at Home VS Stay at Home Sat April 4 – Sun April 5, noon to noon with standard bonuses.

Stay At Home Happy Hours will be held Monday – Thurs the week of April 6!

Monday: 8-10 am
Tuesday: 10-12 noon
Wednesday: 12-2 pm
Thurs: 2-4 pm


hacker, nurro, javascript, ninja, isolation station, eyewire, citizen science, MJ Kim
Nurro’s all-in-one admin station – great for making updates to Eyewire, and comes with a warm keyboard to nap on! Image: MJ KIm

Isolation Station

Some of us have set up a quick monitor on top of textbooks in the kitchen while others are smashing through cubes from a full battle station. Whatever your setup, show off your personal Eyewire HQ!


nurro, eyewire, cat, construction, cute, fat cat, WIP, home hobby, stay at home games
Working on his cat tower, probably. Image: Daniela Gamba

Home Hobbyist

Are you busy planting seeds like Illustrator Daniela Gamba or perhaps are you full into woodworking like OG GM rprentki? Painting, building pillow forts, remodeling your kitchen.. whatever your craft, large or small, share your creative side!


holiday, fun, competition, cat, christmas, eyewire, nurro
Nurro helps Rika win a holiday Accuracy Happy Hour, 2017. Image: Daniela Gamba

Pets of Eyewire

Where would we be without our trusty Eyewire companions, the lap warmers and fuzzy best friends? Maybe you’ve even picked up a new pet to get yourself through these times, like M! They can also be animal friends from your yard or perhaps even your zoo. Whatever your critter, Nurro is excited to make some virtual friends!


Rika, Nurro, Eyewire, citizen science, November, marathon, apple pie, autumn
Nurro adds his own flavor to every dish! Image: Daniela Gamba

Delicious Distance

Staying at home presents a unique forced opportunity to cook! Share your culinary creations, with entries in the form of photo, recipe, or both. Feel free to share food fails as well.


Creatures by Susi, Winner of Eyewire’s 2019 Art Competition

Fan Art

Nurro specifically requested this category. He is stoked to see what Eyewire inspirations you can create while holed up at home. Kids fan art is more than welcome! Share em here.


Thanks for playing and choosing to spend your Coronavirus quarantine time contributing to neuroscience research by playing Eyewire. For science!

Feature image by Daniela Gamba