EyeWire to be presented at the World Forum for Life Sciences

BIOVISION, The World Life Sciences Forum, organized since 1999 by an independent non-profit organization, la Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon, brings together international decision makers from the academic, private, policy-making and civil society sectors to foster a productive dialogue on life sciences discoveries and their impact on society; further, the forum aims to translate innovative ideas into actionable solutions for the benefit of citizens. This year, the forum is being held in Lyon, France from March 24 – 26.

Claire O’Connell and Amy Robinson of the Seung Lab at MIT will be attending the conference to present EyeWire in the Catalyser at the conference, which is a new competition bringing together innovative science initiatives from around the globe. We will also deliver a formal presentation on Connectomics during the general session.

The Catalyser is organized in six focus groups:

EyeWire will be presenting in focus group 4 (personalized medicine, cancer and access to medicine) on Monday, March 26th. If you’d like to see EyeWire win this focus to gain media recognition and a number of fantastic opportunities for collaboration, you can vote for it here (see the bottom of the page)!

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