EyeWire: TEDx Editor’s Pick!

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This week’s TEDx Editor Picks include our very own presentation at TEDxNijmegen! Check out this 5 minute talk about EyeWire, delivered in the Netherlands in April, 2013.

The next great leap in neuroscience may require a full, detailed map of the human brain. But it can take a researcher up to 50 hours to map just one neuron — and there are around 84 billion neurons in every human brain. The solution? The crowd. In this exciting talk, Amy Robinson demos EyeWire, a game that gives ordinary people the chance to participate in this new kind of cartography.

More EyeWire at TEDx: Claire delivered a wonderful talk at TEDxAtlanta this month — the talk should be edited and online soon. We’ll share it here as soon as it’s live!

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