Eyewire Hero: Mergitron Marathon


Since being bitten by a radioactive mouse at Princeton HQ and turning into Eyewire Hero, you have had quite the week!  You’ve fought heartily with all the villains of Eyewire, from the elusive Missing Nub, to the dastardly Evil Cube, to the excessively annoying Trollbot!

But now one villain stands before you, the most horrifying and destructive of them all!

Fight Mergitron in a 24 hour battle to complete the Marathon cell and save the Citizens of Science!  Mergitron may try to throw you off with confusing connections and AI fuses, but do not fear!  With your cube building superspeed and acute accuracy-vision you can lead the Citizens of Eyewire to victory!

Never fear, Eyewire Hero is here!

Go forth and save Citizen Science!  The marathon runs from 10:00 AM ET on February 24th through 10:00 AM ET on February 25th.

  • Players who complete 200+ cubes nominate a name for the cell
  • Players who complete 50+ cubes vote on a name for the cell

Swag for the most heroic marathoners:

  • Highest # of cubes completed – 1 shirt
  • Highest accuracy for at least 50 cubes completed – 1 shirt

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