Eyewire Cup Final

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It’s the event we’ve all been waiting for!  The Final match of the Eyewire Cup.  Two epic teams have made it this far, but only one can reign as Eyewire Cup champion!

Egypt vs Antarctica:

  • Egypt faces Antarctica for the title of Eyewire Cup Champion!
  • The competition lasts 24 hours – Thursday, July 12 at noon ET – Friday, July 13 at noon

If your team lost in the Semifinals or you didn’t play the Semis, you can join Egypt or Antarctica for the finals. If your team made it to the final, you stick with the same team to the end.

Remember, you must join a country to participate! Do so via the Eyewire Cup Finals Leaderboard notification.

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  • Top scoring player in the match
  • 10,000 bonus points
  • Badge

Starting Lineup:

  • 10 top scoring players on each team
  • Score weighted at 2x for team total
  • Bonus 2.5x points


  • 1.5x score for all players
  • Starting Lineup: 2.5x points
  • MVP: 10,000 points


  • The Eyewire Cup Winner
  • MVP: Top scoring player in the final
  • Starting Lineup: Top 10 players on each team
  • Original Team: any player on the winning team since the Quarterfinals
  • Eyewire Cup Contender badge

This is it!  The big play for the Eyewire Cup.  Winners of this round will take home the Eyewire Cup badge and the special swag item: a medal engraved with your Eyewire username! You must to at least 50 cubes to qualify for this special swag and be on the team that wins.

Let’s the games begin, and may the best team take home the Eyewire Cup!