Emerald City Marathon


Image by  Chris Beckett
Image by Chris Beckett

You approach the gates of the Emerald City of Neuropia with your companions.  You knock on the window of the security booth, and a security guard with a greenish complexion slides the glass divider open.

“Hi, my friends and I are here to see the Wizard of Neuropia,” you say.

“No one sees the Wizard of Neuropia,” the guard replies.

“But.. but.. we’ve travelled all day and had to do some really terrifying stuff to get here!” you exclaim.

“Sorry hon, them’s the breaks,” the guard says, slamming the window shut and turning up her radio to an impenetrable volume.

You try to shout over “Neuropia’s Top 40” but it’s no use.  You’ll have to find another way.

You and your friends wander around the city’s containing wall for a bit, until you finally find a break in the emerald stones just big enough to squeeze through.  You’ve made it into the city!

Illustration by W.W. Denslow
Illustration by W.W. Denslow

Unfortunately you’ve still got problems.  A hoard of angry looking birds appears to be headed right in your direction.  Upon closer inspection, you see that they are not birds, but horrible, screeching flying monkeys!  Monkeys can fly?  Apparently.

flyingmonkeyThe Evil Witch who hates science is after you!  Frankly you aren’t sure what you did to inspire such rage.  All this over a pair of shoes?  “I mean, it’s not like I killed anyone,” you protest.  Your companions exchange awkward glances but say nothing.

The flying monkeys are closing in on you.  You better get going before it’s too late!

J-Cell-3-Mapped-by-EyeWirersExplore the vast network of underground channels of Neuropia’s Emerald City in order to locate the great and powerful Wizard.  If you succeed, the Wizard may have great things in store for you!  If you fail, you may be captured by the science-hating witch and her team of flying monkeys.

You have 24 hours to find the Wizard.  The marathon begins at…..

Wed, May 27, 11am – Thu, May 28, 11am ET


  • Top 8 high score: tote
  • Top 15: shirt
  • At least 20 cubes complete in the marathon: sticker

Complete 20 Cubes – 2,000 point bonus
Complete 50 cubes – 5,000 point bonus
Complete 150 cubes – 20,000 point bonus
Complete 300 cubes – 40,000 point bonus
For every 150 cubes above 300 cubes – 2,500 points

If the cell is completed within 24 hrs, those mappers who:

  • Complete at least 50 cubes will win rights to vote on a new name for the cell.
  • Complete at least 150 cubes will win rights to nominate a new name for the cell.

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